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John LemMon for Sonoma County Superior Court Judge

John LemMon, Lesley LemMon, Alex LemMon and Dean LemMon (c 2019)

LemMon for Judge


Compassionate, Decisive, Fair

Over 30 Years of Legal Experience


It was while attending High School at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose that John adopted the school’s motto: “A Man for Others.” This motto has become the seed of his calling to serve others with compassion.


For seventeen years John volunteered as a Judge Pro Tem (now referred to as a Temporary Judge), and continues to serve as a Settlement Conference Referee for the Sonoma County Superior Court. John knows how to make important decisions.


John brings experience – from both his extensive legal training and from life – to the position of Judge. His clear thinking,firm hand, and dedicated manner are critical to supporting both the process and rule of law as he serves as a Judge.

About Me

John LemMon is ready to be a Superior Court Judge. John knows his decisions from the bench will form the society that our children will inherit.

The time for rote punishment in society has ended. Modern times require modern responses and a fair and firm hand is critical. Violent offenders must be punished appropriately, but non violent minor offenders are deserving of compassionate rehabilitation. Problems need to be fixed. Excessive fines and incarceration are setbacks to most people’s genuine progress.

John strongly believes Judges should be allowed to judge. The separation of powers among the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches must be respected and allowed to perform as intended.

John’s life experiences have taught him to be compassionate, decisive, and fair.

John LemMon is the right choice for Sonoma County Superior Court Judge

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